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The 10 Commandments Of Permanent Fat Loss

In this episode we discuss 10 strategies that will help you lose weight and maintain that weight loss. Violate these commandments at your own peril.


Research Unlocks The Key To Fat Loss. It's Not Calories, Carbs, Or Fat

What if they are all wrong...the key to weight loss is not calories, nor is it carbs, nor is it fat? Find out what new research suggests is the key to weight loss!


Are You Making This Exercise Mistake? It's Ruining Your Results.

This common mistake could mean the difference between weight loss success of failure. Find out if you're making this mistake and how to fix it for big weight loss!

"I've tried listening to several other weight loss podcasts, but none of them gave me nearly the amount of useful information that these two give. The two of them deliver the information in a way that keeps me wanting to listen and learn more and not just know it to be smarter about it, but they motivate me to implement what I've learned into my daily life."

Heather Prince