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Latests Weight Loss Podcasts and Posts

Does Eating red Meat Cause Cancer?

Does Red Meat Cause Cancer? The Truth & What To Do…

Posted by admin

Summary: The World Health Organization has changed the classification of processed red meat, such as bacon, salami, and hot dogs, to a class 1 carcinogen; this means that there is sufficient evidence to label these foods as blatantly cancer-causing. To put it into perspective, class 1 is the worst class of carcinogens placing processed meat […]

Episode 76: Weight Loss Motivation Day

Posted by Dr. Ray Hinish

In this episode we have some fun going through some motivational quotes of wisdom that we think about whenever we need to realign ourselves! During the discussion we’ll explain how each quote can be applied in your lifestyle and what it means for your weight loss. Here’s a list of the quotes we discuss in […]

Posted in: Podcasts

Episode 75: Revised Quick Start Guide

Posted by Dr. Ray Hinish

In today’s podcast episode we’re going to go back to the basics with our revised and updated quick start guide… Our very first episode was our quick start guide back in 2009! Not, we’re simplifying the weight loss fast start episode for 2015 and beyond!

Posted in: Podcasts
Oatmeal for Weight Loss

Oatmeal for Weight Loss – Is It The Perfect Food?

Posted by Dr. Ray Hinish

Many weight loss blogs and experts have called oatmeal the “perfect food” for those who are looking to shed fat¬†because, according to these sources, oatmeal provides a slow and steady source of complex carbohydrates, which can prevent hunger and thus promote fat loss. In a nutshell, they say that you don’t have to worry about […]

setting weight loss goals

Episode 74: Setting Weight Loss Goals – 3 Novel Approaches

Posted by Dr. Ray Hinish

Did you know that setting weight loss goals requires different strategies than setting career or financial goals? In fact, if you set your fat loss goals the same way that you set career or financial goals, you could literally be setting yourself up for failure! In today’s post, I’m going to share with you the […]

Posted in: Podcasts

Episode 72: 10 Steps To Becoming A Weight Loss Pro (Part 2)

Posted by Dr. Ray Hinish

During this episode we continue our discussion on moving from a weight loss amateur towards becoming a weight loss pro. In Episode 70, we discussed the qualities of a professional versus an amateur; in this episode, we’re focusing on the steps to becoming a professional. They are: Admit That You’re An Addict Allow Yourself To […]

Posted in: Podcasts
Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 12.26.34 PM

Episode 71: The Calorie Myth With Jonathan Bailor

Posted by Dr. Ray Hinish

In this episode we’re joined by fitness and fat loss expert Jonathan Bailor, author of the book, The Calorie Myth. In this riveting interview Jonathan debunks the myths surrounding calories and explains the concept of “set point”, a system within the body that prevents you from losing weight and maintaining those weight loss results. This […]

Posted in: Podcasts

Episode 69: Weight Loss Motivation Tips

Posted by Dr. Ray Hinish

During this podcast episode, Blythe and Ray discuss the true purpose of motivation and how to apply it in real life so that you get the most benefit from the fleeting sensation of motivation. As you’ll learn in this episode on weight loss motivation, you can’t just focus on what motivates you, you must also […]

Posted in: Podcasts
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